The Reality Ticket! (Sports betting)

The Winning Ticket!!!   This is the sincere hope of everyone who places a bet. The anticipation and exhilaration that comes with this moment is remarkable.  Entertainment at its best.  It sometimes can be a lifestyle changer.  But as with every form of entertainment, like sports betting, there are pros and cons.

Fun, with a cash return sounds like life wonderful life.  A small wager with multiple teams, known as a parlay, can translate a $5.00 bet into thousands of dollars.  Also, a straight bet, picking one team, can double your money. Some of you may be thinking what’s the down side.  Well….anything done in excess can be detrimental.  Wagering, more commonly known as gambling, can be addictive.

This adult recreation brings with it wins as well as losses.   Although we offer our insight based any team is subject to an occasional loss.  With that, we encourage our readers as with any form of entertainment avoid excess, budget activities and handle responsibly.