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The NBA Ballers! (Odds)

NBA PicksThe NBA this season has been an interesting and competitive one. All eyes are especially on the western conference where teams are separated by just a few games, front playoff seeds four through eighth. There have also been quite a few transitions within different teams. The biggest of them all being LeBron James. Still regarded as the best basketball player this season, his 16th, James’ numbers are comparable to his career averages and in some cases slightly better. In spite of missing 20 games with injury, a career high, his performance is still exceptional. LeBron has pretty much picked up where he left off by leading the Lakers in several offensive categories. The Lakers are presently tenth in the Western Conference playoff standings. Just a few games from the eighth and final playoff spot. The big blockbuster is the LA’s hard and fast pursuit of Anthony Davis. Unfortunately for the Lakers, this monumental trade was stifled because of numerous leaks within the sports rumor mill.

The Western Conference has been the stronghold of recent championships Noted underdogs, The Denver Nuggets and Oklahoma City Thunder are running closely behind defending champions, The Golden State Warriors. This Bay area favorite maintaining its number one seed position is assured the home court advantage through the Western Conference Playoffs. With a little more than twenty games to go in the season, avid fans are sure to remain on their toes.