“Slipping and Sliding” with hockey

Lets get ready to slip and slide Hockey Fans! Well this year’s National Hockey League (NHL) Season is wrapping up and headed towards the playoffs. Its been a action-packed season so far with a lot of competitive games. The one team that’s  hotter than fish grease,  is the Tampa Bay Lightning! This team has been winning consistently all season as well as being one of the highest scoring teams.

The Tampa Bay Lighting is a good team to bet on especially when playing at home. Other teams that are in the playoff hunt which are also good teams to bet on are the San Jose Sharks, Nashville Predators, Winnipeg Jets and the Boston Bruins. The Tampa Bay Lighting have strong odds as a favorite to win the Stanley Cup by several betting sources. Other playoff teams like the Bruins, Jets and Predators will have something to say about that. The playoffs will start in about two weeks. So hockey fans we are in store for an interesting ride with some good games to be played!